With dangerous dogs never show signs of fear, be friendly but firm and always stand your ground. Most of the attacks happen because the victims escalate the fight or flight response, the animals smells the fear and it all spirals out of control. It's the same with human beings as well, especially in the age of the 'attention economy' and all these new hard drugs. It's the law of the jungle out there, and always stand your ground. The pitbulls of which you speak are more like hyenas, opportunist predators with a bad attitude, in the face of hyenas be the lion. In a fight either disorient with sand or fingers in the eyes, a heel of the hand or a fist to the nose, or groin shot and run, or go for the jugular and finish, but with good presence of mind even with the worst creatures it shouldn't come to that anyway. Fear and aggression in ourselves are the primary enemy to overcome first.

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This is good advice for bears, too. Never show fear.

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Ever here this beauty:

When black, fight back.

When brown, go to the ground.

When white, say good night.

That applies to true wilderness animals not Yellowstone, or Smoky Mountain twinkie eaters.

Additionally, any type of momma with cubs is a back-away-slowly situation - she won't care if you're a tough guy.

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Apr 15, 2023·edited Apr 15, 2023

Glad to hear Pit bulls get the 5th spot ><

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My Goldendoodle approves of this article.

I remember around the late 80's I was riding my bicycle up a lonely county road in rural Virginia. As I passed a fenced yard I noticed 4 Pitbulls eyeing me rather hungrily. One by one the angry beasts started jumping the chain link fence, quickly my adrenaline hit my muscles and I kicked into high gear and got the H-E-double L outta' there. That incident scared me silly, I'll never forget that.

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You're not wrong. They weren't jumping that fence to come over and make friends. I saw them set on a homeless man in New York city and he looked to be dressed in a shirt made of rags when they were done with him and cops beat them free. The rags were his skin. He survived but he had to be institutionalized. The pitbull is no longer a "dog" in my opinion. It is something else altogether now.

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