Balance must be found between automation and subject matter expertise. All too often when automation fails people don't simply 'just manage it by hand' because they lack the knowledge required to do so. This is the trap in your proposed system and the threat of greater adoption of the new AI systems.

My imagination is failing to produce a scenario where we have electricity to run all of these gadgets yet have a wandering horde who is only using them to scout the country side. Help me out here?

I will watch the 1st documentary suggested. Thanks.

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Thanks for the great post.

I'm a complete novice, but I've been thinking about how something like this could be implemented in a setting with way less space, like an apartment. My (very tentative) plan right now is to buy a 3d printer and print these sigmoid-shaped tubes at 2-3 layers of thickness that could be very space-efficient and could be "stacked" or staggered at levels, with individual beds running at the bases. I have large windows but I can't set it up near them, so I was thinking that maybe I'd be able to get away with using a fiber optic cable connected to a sort of mirror sphere set in the balcony and on the other end a diffused "bulb" for the plants. I have no idea if this is a tenable solution, though, seeing how I've never seen anyone mention anything like this. Likely just the DK effect but I'd like to know if you think this is something I should spend my time on or just go with the tried-and-tested stuff.

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