Where I live, in a rural part of the country, they just built 3 MASSIVE warehouse facilities just off the highways. Someone called in to Alex Jones (I know...) saying they were really FEMA camps. Who knows for sure, but they do seem to be planning something.

Everyone I knew my whole life took the vax. Only my wife and kids and I refused. We literally moved to rural America make new friends who shared our views. Everyone who took the vax will believe the alien hoax, I'm afraid. And that will be a lot of people who really should know better.

An anecdote: sitting in the parking lot in a Red State Lowe's, and in front of me is a pickup with a Trump 2024 sticker on the back, right next to a Ukranian flag sticker. This is about a year ago now. A lot of people, people who listened to Trump tell them that the news is fake, still believed the Ukraine lie. They'll believe the alien lie too, unfortunately.

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It’s worth considering that the media prep work for this has been going on for a long time. Think back to big Hollywood films from the 1990s. Like Deep Impact, Independence Day, or Contact. I’m not talking about the space related themes in these, although that’s noteworthy. What’s notable in these films and many like them is that they all feature TV journalists who are delivering the narrative in the form of newscasts that allow the movie audience to understand what is going on in the story. They’ve been conditioning this for a long time.

I remember a common expression on 9/11 by bystanders on the streets: “It’s like something out of a disaster movie.” Yes, yes it is.

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I hate to come back to this to beat a dead horse, but I just went to the airport to fly to see my aging parents. At the airport, they have these cameras, at the station where you show your ID to enter security. They ask you to look into the camera, so they can scan your face. Pretty sure this is because not enough people got the stupid RealIDs, so they're trying to build a biometric database of everybody's faces via another route. I watched as person after person stuck their face in front of the camera to be dutifully scanned. I was the only one who told her I didn't feel comfortable with it, and she let me pass.

The Dead Kennedy's had an album called "Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death". It looks like it's an apt description of most Americans. So yeah, they'll fall for Bluebeam or whatever the next stunt is, and they'll do whatever it is they're told to do, because we're all in this together or some other BS slogan.

Oh, and in case you doubt me, they are saying in the news stories themselves that that's what the cameras are for. See for yourself. Full-on Mark of the Beast will be here before you know it. This is why I raise sheep on my farm.


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I think this UFO business is something more subtle than flying saucers. Before explaining further, I think that the post-collapse world will be medieval for most survivors, but held together by technomagic, i.e. technology used as to infer the existence of the supernatural.

The minds of the survivors will be shaped by their experiences during the collapse, as they tried and speculated upon their next move. The way they reasoned themselves out of the collapse will condition what they will teach to their offspring. For the (techno)feudal lords, it would be good if there existed some mental viruses that could infect the serfs' reasoning, the goal being to disable the value of experience, reality and scientific reasoning.

Things have progressed enough to create real, tangible artefacts that could be attributable to etxraterrestrials, just like AI now creates images sharp enough to be mistaken for real. To provide a quick example, think of the small critters that were populating wildlife areas in the movie "Existenz". These very real (bioengineered) creatures would hint at something "beyond" with "indisputable" evidence.

You could structure the survivors' future for entire generations in a story of underground resistance to the invaders, spending their mental energy on elaborate fairy tales instead on focusing at the structure of society and economy as it is evident around them.

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