In addition to mind-bending black pill matrix busting information that will tell you how to survive the engineered apocalypse of 5th generation warfare, you will get exclusive access to the market leader survival technology being cooked up now at VAULT-CO for prepping technology sufficient to make most Deep Underground Government bases green with envy. Angry government bureaucrats will be screaming at their staff after WW3 because they didn’t get equipment as reliable and low power as VAULT-CO hardware & software systems.

Compiled Binaries & Installation packages for VAULT-SYS technology plus the user manuals for all required modules will only be available here! Github will get the source code but subscribers to Substack will get ready-to-install software and quality documentation for all functionality! You won’t be able to get these things anywhere else and you won’t get the same convenience you will get here with end-to-end problem solving that will tell you how to plug in all hardware, make all connections and EMP proof your entire shelter for flawless continuous functioning systems indefinitely into the future!

To summarize perks for Substack (there will be more later) :

  1. Free subscribers get access to binaries for all platforms, pay for .PDF Manuals

  2. Paid Subscribers get access to binaries, installers and all manuals free plus access to all content planned for the recurring Vault-Co podcasts.

  3. Founding Members get all the above and 24 hour support + SOOPER SEEKRIT TECHNOLOGEE in the form of private plug-in module functionality, much of it customized for very unusual hardware like shortwave comms, geiger counters, medical equipment, security doors and even industrial gear. Only Founding Members will get our Pip-Boy clone software and instructions how to remotely access topside crew who are operating at a distance in an extended network.

  4. If I think of some more, I will add them as we go. I am intending to write a series that covers integration of survival strategy and practice that uses Vault-Co tech as the hub of all operations. For example, how to barcode, scan, store inventory and generate automated reports like acquisition orders, restock lists and other filters combining stock practice and digital management. These manuals will also be free and available for download to Paid and Founding Members.


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Civil Defense related information for the inhabitants of the west to foster their survival against 5th generation warfare conducted by their own governments as well as foreign actors. We're the meek spoken of in scripture who remain until the end.


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