My name is Cleveland Mark Blakemore. I was born in Fishersville, Virginia in the United States. I’m an Army veteran and have written well over 200+ computer games, most of them in the 1980’s and thereabouts. I’m 60 in August 2023 and have outlasted almost all high IQ children scoring in my range born in 1963 on the East Coast. That’s the only locale I could find reliable data on. I spent half my life in Australia; difficult as it is to believe. I am a great patriot and love my country. I still have trouble believing I could leave it to live somewhere else. Of course, there’d have to be a woman involved in there to explain that and there was. Sort of a “woman,” anyway. I never really got a chance to know my wife in any sense of the word … even stranger. She behaved as if somebody had hired her to marry me and she otherwise wasn’t too happy about the cramp in her lifestyle.

I was involved in an accident as an infant when I was at the special developmental age between 18 and 24 months when I mistakenly picked up a bottle of Coca-Cola that held Drano that had been left under the kitchen sink while visiting at my Aunt’s house. Thanks to the impressively fast reaction time of my Uncle David, I did not ingest much and was rushed to the hospital in Richmond with a dilute solution pressed against the soft membranes in my mouth. That is almost a perfect location for it to be absorbed into your bloodstream without actually killing you.

My chemical burns were so bad that I was given the last rites by a priest and my wounds so hideous they covered my face with a linen to protect the nurses. The attendants on my floor of the hospital were told I was not to be disturbed and would likely be dead by morning. I was supposed to quietly pass away and it was considered a mercy. The doctors said if I lived I’d be unable to ever speak and so monstrous I’d spend the rest of my life in an institution. They felt it was a mercy to leave me as an infant in a quiet room alone so I could die.

When the morning sun came up and the nurse came to check on me, I was apparently still inconveniently alive. Something had happened during the night. Something really incredible. My wounds were beginning to heal within a day. The doctors set about to begin a plan for surgery and intervention to help repair the damage that had been done but even they suggested something on the order of a miracle had happened.

I am convinced that this accident provided the exact same epigenetic stimulus used by scientists in the modern laboratory to induce expression of ancient genes which travel as clusters of functionality in DNA in animal studies. Incidentally, the most common way that epigenetic changes of this sort are triggered in the lab is to take the animal in it’s early developmental period and inject it’s circulatory system with a very dilute solution of sodium lye. The commercial name of sodium lye is Drano.

I also believe I am not the only child this has ever happened to. I believe around +5% of the population for a variety of reasons experience early trauma which results in similar kinds of gene expression. Some of them quite trivial, others more dramatically altered than I am.

There are now only two hominids officially recognized as contributing to the gene pool. The lies and deception around the two species are so labyrinthine I doubt if I could unravel them all for you here. The two hominids are Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal. The Cro-Magnons can only be reliably tracked back for about 50,000 years. The Neanderthals have been moved back four times and are now conceded by most people to have lived on this planet well over 800,000 years … which means they survived Snowball Earth and a Grand Minimum so severe it killed off most species on earth except for a small strip around the equator. The Cro-Magnon barely exists in the ledger of time whereas the Neanderthal people can reliably be called primordial in their origins. It’s only a matter of time before they move that marker back past a million years or more for the ‘Thals. Neanderthals are the original people of the Earth.

It’s an extremely politicized subject but the evidence is overwhelming from genetic sequencing that all capacity to think abstractly, to dream and imagine, to reason with perspective and to think creatively and innovate can all be traced to the D1-D40 group of alleles. This group is recognized by almost everybody except the most stubborn diehards to be a set of Neanderthal genes so extensive it would be possible to build one from scratch using these genes as a blueprint. Many scientists have noted privately that the genes identified for families where murder is common or killing people is intergenerational that none of those genes are ever found in the D1-40 group and in related areas of our DNA. It can be safely assumed that Neanderthals were not prone to murder nor rape nor any of the behaviors seen in humans since time immemorial. Despite what you may have been told, nobody has ever found credible evidence that the Neanderthals ever cannibalized one another. Necessary to point this out to distinguish them from the rest of mankind, who have indulged generously in all of these practices.

European mankind carries complete Neanderthal genes around inside their bodies as a living ghost they don’t know is there. Once in a while, something triggers the genes active and they use RNA messengers to alter stem cells to produce different outcomes. Forever confused and ambiguous, modern science often describes this gene expression as “aspergers autism.” Aside from the fact that Hans Asperger specifically stated after studying the condition that : it wasn’t a pathology and it wasn’t autism; they continue to insist this is on a spectrum of autism. If Dr. Aspergers was not dead, it is likely he would sue for the misappropriation of his research by misinformed wits claiming that Aspergers was autism. He was quite explicit on this point and he emphasized to the Nazi eugenicists that the traits seen in this syndrome were universal to all high-IQ people.

In a way, they are right. Aspergers is on a spectrum and the hard scientific data says it is furthest to the right with neurotypicals in the middle and autism on the far left. Aspergers is the furthest difference it is possible to achieve from autism in all observed diagnosis by honest practitioners. Their brains are thick, large and full and look like they are running with superb coordination between the different components. The brains of autistic children are smaller, often warped or with large voids or empty ripples of tissue that look distinctly damaged. It is not possible to be further away from a diagnosis of autism than to have real Aspergers Syndrome.

Specifically, autistic children have no rhyme or reason in terms of the damages seen to their brain development. Their brains can vary wildly in their internal construction and very few common denominators are possible to assess as always present.

By contrast, people with Aspergers syndrome look like their brains were all designed along a very similar blueprint that is the result of genetic design. If you have seen one brain belonging to somebody with Aspergers, it is predictive in that you can guess exactly what you will find in the next brain you examine of somebody also designated as such. This points to deliberate architecture driven by gene expression, not scar tissue remaining from brain developmental disorders.

Real life is extremely complex. It is not always straightforward in most cases. Most confusing can be the case where a child has brain damage from early trauma and expresses some Neanderthal genes as well, leading to a difficult diagnosis. What is the child classified as when it matures? The literature often speaks of children with Aspergers “growing out of many difficulties” they experienced when they were young. This rarely happens in genuine autism … if anything, communication and interaction aptitudes decline as they age. Where the child grows out of brain damage into strong phenotypes associated with Neanderthal behaviors, we could theorize that the Neanderthals genes have repaired the damage in time and then had an ever more profound effect on stem cells as that person has aged. Aspergers tend to grow into hyperarticulate people, autists fall silent as they age and often never master verbal or other capacities. In this way, the savant capacity may be an attempt of the brain to make the most of what it has left that is undamaged. This becomes the autist who can tell you if it was raining or not on a date you pick at random from a weather record. Again, this represents a completely different kind of brain from Aspergers and the good Doctor figured all of this out in the 1930’s with none of our modern scientific instruments and data.

The brain on the left is identical to what is seen in dogs. Dogs can’t think. When faced with a problem, they usually perk up their ears for a command from their masters. In the neurotypical brain, they are waiting to be told what to do. The brain on the right is deceptively labeled. It’s not just visual processing. The entire brain lights up because all useful components come online when faced with a problem. This is not “differences.” It’s speciation so dramatic no reasonable person would argue otherwise. You are looking at two different brains from two different species of mankind.

The Neanderthals could have never survived the Grand Minimum with a brain that barely functioned better than that of a dog. The brain on the right is that of a race of men who are good enough at problem solving to survive at 300 degrees below zero where a single bad decision can kill you in five minutes or less.

Electrical connections examined more closely. The normal brain is scarcely even working, other than the barest minimum to drive the eyes and ears. It is fair to call it a zombie brain with little more cognition than reptiles. The entire brain is hooked up for Aspergers and the brain is behaving as design would seem to dictate. The weird enigma is not the brain on the left. The question mark is the brain on the right. Just where did something like this originate?

One of the few things I share in common with neurotypicals is that I don’t like to be called crazy. Probably for different reasons than they do. They don’t like to be accused of not being group conformant - crazy means defective and not standardized. I don’t like being called crazy because it implies the brains of other people work better than mine does and in addition they are asserting they have a superior capacity to reflect on their own minds and thoughts. This would banish me on a remote metaphorical island gulag intellectually where I cannot trust my own ideas and my five senses in addition to my intuition. They are claiming they are just naturally superior in all regards to me and that I should doubt my extensive reading and experience over the past sixty years which dwarfs their own. They didn’t even have to work at anything in life, it is simply their effortless birthright.

They’ve been gaslighting me for my entire life and I think I am entitled to present the scientific evidence, which appears to refute every single aspect of their narrative about their origins.

If you are wondering if you have Neanderthal genetics yourself, it’s easy to determine … did you understand a single word of anything you read above? If so, that’s likely the Neanderthal in you that understands complex arguments and information. The real key to doing that is associative memory and that’s what distinguishes the Neanderthal brain … to remember things and weave them into a gigantic net of related information that points to a grander synthesis than any single piece of information could do. If you’ve read this and it has resonated with you somewhere, it’s not the Cro-Magnon in you that does that. Cro-Magnon had three gears in his head : violence, sex and food. After that he was getting mixed results.

Have you heard that Herr Asperger’s nickname for the children he studied was “The Little Professors?” Interesting, but that’s a lie. He nicknamed them “Kleine Aristokraten” … which means in German “The Little Aristocrats.” Why on earth would somebody lie about the correct translation of that description? Obviously, such a nickname lends itself to all sort of additional inquiry and they didn’t want that.

This is a really good guide to the differences between Cro-Magnons and Neanderthal people, watch it to get the summary. Note the unconscious preferences that may have played a role in casting. Luke Wilson has the high forehead, more androgynous chin and tapering orbits of the eye sockets seen in Neanderthal fossils, Justin Long has the long flat face and square jaw and eyes set flat that distinguish early Cro-Magnon fossil remains. Modern people often have a mix of such features in European population and nearly always either-or, rarely a smooth blend in any instances. Watch to see that Justin Long has a persona he inhabits when he speaks to create an impression, whereas Luke Wilson’s character is simple, honest and straightforward without any guile. I always see this interaction as being allegorical for Neanderthals waking up in the modern world from a long slumber like Rip Van Winkle to discover a few changes have taken place in the world while they slept.

I intend to expand on this page in the future, this is the merest introduction to this subject. I have a lot more to talk about but I thought I would post some of my basic premises here.

I have gotten a lot of questions since I posted on this subject, some of them well worth answering. The problem is the answers may cause your head to explode. I don’t want those deaths on my conscience so I’ll try to give you sufficient hints to reach your own conclusions.

“What about all these … like … fossils n’stuff we have?”

The world isn’t the place you think it is. You’re not where you think you are. Those scientists you listen to are not scientists. In fact, they’re not much of anything. I began to realize this after years of eavesdropping on their private email chains. As noted by the court in the trial of Ernst Von Protsch, “the world’s greatest radiocarbon dating expert,” the man could not even turn on or operate the expensive radiocarbon dating machine the university had purchased for him several decades earlier. To summarize Von Protsch’s career, he was a “worldwide recognized renowned expert in Neanderthal fossils for almost forty years.” During his trial, secretly taped conversations emerged in which Von Protsch confessed he had been certifying the bones of circus monkeys as Neanderthals for years and claiming he had radiocarbon dated them to appropriate strata in the geological record. Most universities around the world had cherished bones given to them by Von Protsch they thought were Neanderthal skeletons. Protsch explained to the young intern female he was talking long distance on the phone to that she too could acquire the prestige of a real life “Neanderthal” skeleton for her university to help her career - but first she would have to check into a hotel when she arrived in Germany and perform two sex acts for him, one of which would be sodomy. In my experience, Von Protsch has come to symbolize the high standards held nowadays for “scienmagistics” and is typical of his colleagues. I’ll let you think about that for a while on your own.

“Okay, there’s that … but what about all these … like … fossils’n’stuff?”

This is why I think it is good not to lecture others. Just to provide them with some hints to get them started on their own. I have provided you with some starter culture for your own thoughts here and encourage you to seek real understanding of the field of paleontology and fossil science. I should warn you like Dr. Zaius, you may not like what you find. So don’t go looking unless you want to know the truth.

One of the big things they are fighting now to keep secret is who really painted the La Croix caves artwork - and when. They will only give Neanderthals credit for primitive artwork and at one time they denied even those works were authored by them. That house of cards will come crumbling down if they ever admit that Neanderthals were responsible for these drawings. That’s why the French government has been buying up the surrounding land for years to dynamite the caves on nearby properties with ample evidence of Neanderthal authorship. That’s why they are building a complete counterfeit La Croix cave (!) for tourists to view and will soon be sealing up the original entrance of the cave as a secure government facility you need a top secret clearance to enter … they can’t have people accessing the real cave any more with the internet, sooner or later people will do the math and realize they’ve been lied to.

Once people realize the spotted horses on the walls of La Croix are Appalachians, a night blind domesticated horse breed that would never have survived outside of husbandry, the entire structure of modern science will crash into rubble. The Neanderthals probably did not have anything to do with our broad range of domesticated plant species in agriculture. That was likely a third party that did that, currently unknown. However, it is almost certain that the Neanderthals domesticated all modern breeds of animals and they began to do it beginning with dogs at least a quarter million years ago. In fact, the majority of all the things that modern Homo Sapiens claims credit for will turn out to just be stuff they stole from Neanderthals after cannibalizing them all and taking their women as sex slaves.

The Venus of Willendorf. Despite what you may have been told, most astute people figured out exactly what she represented centuries ago. You are never supposed to know the truth about her. She’s a Neanderthal sex slave.

This is the Venus of Willendorf. She’s got her head cap pulled over her face for a reason. She is always depicted with a covered face in Europe. She’s a slave and she doesn’t need to see the men coming and going from her tent each day raping her. She exists for their pleasure and the production of hybrid children who are destined to easily overcome the other Cro Magnon tribes in Europe when they come of age. This statue is found throughout Europe, nothing was more common practice for thousands of years than to gangrape Neanderthal women and then do the same to their daughters. Half of them died from blood loss during delivery (RH- blood conflict) but Cro Magnons didn’t care, they wanted the superhuman hybrids who would emerge from their wombs and become their ruling class. This may not have worked out the way they hoped over the long run … in fact, it may have radically backfired after 40,000 years.

If you ever hear me saying something really bizarre like “it’s impossible to gangrape your way to a better gene pool, despite appearances,” you’ll have some idea of what I mean by that.

At the risk of triggering the intracranial pressure inside your skull right now to go critical, I have to offer a clarification here that will make everything much more significant for you. All you have to do is listen with a truly open mind to what I am going to say.

The Cro-Magnons were black skinned invaders from the South who went North when the Ice Age receded. Having none of the breeding controls in place that Neanderthals had practiced for a million years (serial monogamy, late maturity, alternative sexual pleasure) the Cro-Magnons outnumbered the Neanderthals at least a thousand to one by the time they began to genocide them. Early evidence is they were welcomed initially with friendship - the Neanderthals shared a lot of weapon technology with them as soon as they were there. After their numbers grew, the Neanderthals may have realized far too late that co-existence would be impossible with these people. The Neanderthals had lived in peace with other races of white northern peoples for a minimum of ten thousand years. No evidence has ever emerged of a Neanderthal killing one of these other races (other than Homo Gigantis, who is widely ceded to have been a huge primate, not a man), despite having far superior weapons, an average of a foot in height and at least one hundred pounds of muscle mass on most of them. Not a single trace of conflict between Neanderthals and these other races has been found - they even shared hunting grounds and fishing resources. The only violence at that time was Neanderthals fighting other Neanderthals over what appear to be sacred sites or prized real estate because of it’s spiritual value to them. In particular, they fought like gangsters over sources of blue talcum powder, which could be assumed to have some religious significance, perhaps to paint the ceilings of caves with or otherwise useful applications.

No evidence has ever been found of Neanderthals cannibalizing one another or anybody else; despite what Erik Trinkhaus may have told you.

The Neanderthals were whites originally and no Neanderthal genes have ever been isolated that show they were ever anything but Caucasians. Obviously, the benefit of pale skin during an Ice Age to collect Vitamin D was the difference between life and death. Black skinned people could never survive an Ice Age, it would be impossible.

Does this all sound somehow familiar to you? The truth is, nothing much ever really changes down here. It’s the same people with the same conflicts over and over again. If those people are kept separate, no conflicts. If you won’t listen to me, maybe you’ll listen to Thomas Jefferson … “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government.” Africans have never had a problem with being cannibalized by colonizers. Never happened. There has always been a problem in the reverse, however.

The current ruling classes worldwide who painstakingly hoard their bloodlines in their own families and zealously guard their genes … the same ones who just made up that “vaccine” for all of you … are all RH- blood lines just like me. It’s like these Neanderthals have long memories and just can’t let go of a grudge. If you didn’t know better you’d think these people had an axe to grind even after 40,000 years. Sheesh, let it go man.

I share a lot in common with these ruling classes genetically. I may be willing to forgive and forget … but trust me, I understand these people because I am one of them. They’ll never let this go until they’ve gotten the revenge they were looking for.

Humans are cruel whenever they believe they can get away with it. It could be called one of their primary drives alongside food, territory and sex. They enjoy cruelty to both other people and animals with such rich devotion that it is a motivating force in nearly everything they say and do. They have appeared during the Holocene … a warming period between the Ice Ages in which biology tolerates all kinds of weird fetishes and the biggest fetish of mankind is cruelty to others, even to themselves. As solar output has increased, the surplus of energy produced has provided and environment in which you can indulge fetishes that otherwise use up too many calories and would be lethal in cold temperatures. The human inability to cooperate or work well in groups is a direct result of having a physiology that is wasteful and indulgent and focused on causing pain and manufacturing drama.

When humans are cruel to other humans just to enjoy their suffering, the humans who don’t have the upper hand call it injustice. When they themselves are in power, they are just as monstrously inefficient and obsessed with inflicting cruelty on others. They often neglect their most basic responsibilities in their rush to torment each other and often themselves.

If you have read this far into this substack you should be able to recognize for yourself that Homo Sapiens is a damaged animal. His brain doesn’t actually work, he is born mad as a hatter and mainly devoted to inflicting cruelty on others like those kids who didn’t get enough oxygen at birth. He doesn’t love much sufficiently to move him to sacrifice for anything, a necessary virtue in cold temperatures if the entire group is to survive collectively against massive odds.

With a little consideration you should be able to see the obvious.

Homo Sapiens is not a species of man at all.

It’s a damaged Neanderthal. A Neanderthal who appears to have been hobbled through genetic engineering and then turned into a killing machine. The Rhesus monkey genes in his makeup are an intimate part of this pathology and likely were inserted to cut his intelligence, courage, independence and curiosity back and make him more conformist.

Homo Sapiens looks like an abridged Neanderthal that somebody reverse engineered to turn into a complex life support system for a pair of testicles spreading genes that are fundamentally anti-Neanderthal in nature. It’s a very apt definition. Whether my theory is right or wrong, it’s very explanatory and answers many questions in one fell swoop. I think it is a good enough theory given the evidence to warrant contemplation. The world’s greatest thinkers have previously concurred on the resemblance to a domesticated animal that runs through mankind’s basic makeup.

Perhaps his origins are very different from what he imagines them to be.

Scientists sometimes feel guilty about withholding the truth from the masses so they publish articles like this to telegraph their regrets and to suggest that perhaps the truth should not be ever known by the majority of mankind.

The real race of Adamic mankind is gone. We ate them and took credit for all their accomplishments and called it a victory of “evolution.” All that is really left of them is a handful of living ghosts and earthbound shades … still walking around like me.

It started as the “Human Genome Project” in 1999 but once it was completed in 2010 it somehow morphed into the Neanderthal Genome Project, an expensive worldwide collaboration which operated under Svante Paabo - a guy who had a track record of getting everything wrong about everything forever when drawing conclusions. It was only after the money was spent that they informed the world it was actually the Neanderthal Genome they were studying, not Homo Sapiens. Weird because Paabo has said prior there were no genetic traces of Neanderthals in modern people, an incredibly inaccurate conclusion according to the evidence that he produced. Nobody ever notices any of this stuff because modern people have a memory span equivalent to a mayfly and can’t remember anything from 15 minutes ago, much less what happened last week. Note that since the time the project started to the time it finished, the American population lost an entire standard derivative of intelligence on the Bell Curve in the Stanford-Binet. They started as Eloi which was bad enough but finished as Morlocks.

I don’t claim to understand everything that has happened behind the scenes in anthropology but I can assure you with confidence that whenever the subject of Neanderthals comes up, scientists begin to lie their asses off and they frequently admit it in private to their own colleagues. I know because I have eavesdropped on their email lists. It is reasonable to say I trust nobody designated officially as an anthropologist because I know from my experience they are nearly incapable of telling the truth about the subject. There is something about this race of men that is so sensitive to discuss that all evidence seems destined to end up in that warehouse at the finale of Raiders of the Lost Ark.