Street News

1989-1992, New York, Harlem, D.C.

I may have learned more about mankind during my sojourn there than anywhere else I ever went in all my wandering about. I think about Hutchinson Persons and his grand dream every day and always think it is one thing I will never regret having been a part of … for a little while.

In the beginning of “Zorba the Greek,” the vigorous intellectual Basil cannot fathom why a man would feel such powerful despair that all he could do to counter it is to get up on his feet and dance. By the end of the movie he understands Zorba and knows all of his own ambitions and aspirations were nothing but meaningless vanity when exposed to the reality of human nature. The author of Ecclesiastes got it right.

For every man who dreams of saving the world there are ten thousand who wish to burn it down and take their dinner in the ashes. - Nietzsche

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Street News Saga : Saboteurs of the Debt Clock

Notice here in the Wikipedia article there is no mention of Chris Wallace or the muckraking show 20/20, rather they gloat that the demise was simply a natural phenomenon and the failure of the paper was due to its own “financial troubles.” In fact it was the target of a vicious campaign by Chris Wallace to put it out of business by alleging criminal activity long after law enforcement cleared the company of any wrongdoing whatsoever. This campaign had the effect of ruining media relationships, affecting suppliers and printers and seriously hurting sales of the paper. The paper had otherwise been enjoying a phenomenal wave of success.

I want this page up permanently so that anybody who searches on this topic for any reason will get this page and know that is historical revisionism on Wikipedia.

Street News did not fail. It was destroyed … on purpose.